Two now one: Northstar Sharps sees great success after amalgamation

If you are remotely involved in the Canadian construction industry, the names Northstar and Sharps Construction are names you would likely recognize and quite possibly have worked with in the past. Both companies have established themselves as reputable foundation specialists and each have excelled in diversifying themselves to provide services for the energy sector, the civil/industrial sector as well as the electrical transmission and distribution sector. Now, the two have come together to show the piling world all that can be offered. 

“The hardest part of the amalgamation was deciding what to call the new company,” says Tony Evangelista, director of projects. “Both companies had established such a great rapport throughout the years, we didn’t want to lose the recognition of either name.” So, they combined the names and the rest is history.

Actually, history is the wrong word for a company that is about to take the piling world by storm with their combined equipment, resources and, most importantly, staff. Both companies have built themselves over the years by employing the right people, whether it be at the head offices in Leduc, Calgary and Grand Prairie, or the field operations across Western Canada. Sharps Construction has grown over the past 30 years and is the pride of Kevin Sharp (general manager of Northstar Sharps) as it was for his father before him. Northstar has a similar history, setting up in 2005 as a family startup. It has also grown monumentally, with Tony Evangelista being an integral part of the success for the past 11 years. 

The employees take great ownership in the company and this is why they’ve been so successful throughout the years. You could also argue that the impressive fleet of equipment is nothing to sneeze at either; the 40-ton picker units, 100 and 200-ton crawler cranes, an impressive fleet of Junttans, Soilmecs and Watsons not only contribute to completing jobs on time, but doing so in an efficient and safe manner that keeps the clients coming back. 

There’s not much left on the table when you’re the only company in Western Canada that can not only provide stamped design/drawings for design/build requirements on any level of project, but also show its level of expertise through the final supply and installation of driven, helical and drilled cast-in-place piles alongside anchoring and direct embedment. They also conduct bridge construction 

You are bound to attract attention when you are showing success year after year. With attention, comes interest from large billion-dollar corporations like Quanta Services and Valard Construction. Although Northstar Sharps is now under the Quanta/Valard umbrellas, it has been given the directive to continue making their own directives. Quite simply; “keep doing what you’re doing and we will be here if you need us.”

Now with the financial backing of American conglomerate, Quanta Services out of Houston, partnered with the mentorship of Canadian powerhouse, Valard Construction, Northstar Sharps will be a company to watch in the next 10 years.