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Benefits of dynamic pile testing

By Garland Likins, P.E. Any structure is only as good as its foundation. For a deep foundation to perform satisfactorily, it must have adequate geotechnical capacity to support the applied load and lack structural defects. If the foundation fails, it must be remediated or the structure demolished and eventually replaced….

APE Drilling’s Texas piling facility opens for guests from U.S., Canada and Mexico

By Jesse DuBord We felt excited to see our APE Piling plant come to life like never before. For the first time ever we opened the doors of our pile manufacturing facility to the public, and invited guests from across the Americas to join us in a festive and fun…

“Girls need to be encouraged as much as boys”

International Women in Engineering Day in August focused attention on the amazing careers in engineering and technical roles for girls, and celebrated the achievements of outstanding female engineers. To mark the event, we asked three Keller colleagues from around the world to share their experiences as female engineers. Katja Maihold…