Soilmec’s SR-65 EVO reaches new levels of performance and comfort

Provided by Soilmec North America Inc.

The new Soilmec SR-65 EVO was designed with focus comfort, performance, versatility and safety, thanks to an impressive list of best in-class advantages and class-exclusive features. The SR-65 EVO does its best in LDP segmental casing technology and deep CFA piles. These targets are achieved by using a compact structure, a heavily reworked geometry that features the smartest transport configuration, a new range of rotary head and an updated electronic system.

The SR-65 EVO has been thought to be smart and flexible. It can be set to transport with the kelly bar still mounted on the mast for a quick rig set up. The kelly bar and counterweight can be removed to get the transport weight below 110,000 pounds. The compact rotary head conveys 190,657 lbf-ft of torque, to overcome hard ground conditions. Set on a special cradle, it allows to change the rotary axle spacing that can be set from 2.5 feet to three feet, four inches. The 74,186 lbf winch-crowd system, with 16m stroke, makes the SR-65 EVO a leading machine in the segmental casing market.

The SR-65 EVO is powered by a Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 final Diesel engine with an automatic low idle system to optimize fuel consumption. With open crankcase ventilation filters, particulate filters and a high temperature regeneration system the rig can get up to 90 per cent reduction of particulates and up to 50 per cent reduction in nitrogen oxides. It provides a power of 350 HP that can be easily set up to offer a power surplus up to 379 HP, making the rig capable of easily overcoming the most difficult situations. The SR-65 EVO is built in compliance with the new EN 16228 standards with special features for easier accessibility, more visibility, and safer maneuverability. The rig is equipped with handrails on the platform, a video-camera kit with a dedicated 7-inch monitor, and adjustable mirrors to see a full 360 degrees. The rig’s completed with a radio remote-control board for rig loading and unloading from trucks, and an automatic acoustic alarm during rig traveling and turret rotation. The geometry of the base machine, the engine and heat exchangers layout, fiberglass canopies, and the insulating system, lead the SR-65 EVO to be the most silent rig in its category.

The SR-65 EVO comes with a 3.4-foot-wide H-cab, designed with the operator in mind for the best comfort, control and productivity. The H-cab features large windows for more space and visibility, and a sliding door for easier access and unintentional closing. Features also include an operator seat with a fully adjustable air suspension device with additional lumbar support, a climate control unit, and load-sensing hydraulic control manipulators. The adjustable touch screen DMS-ON-BOARD allows for real-time control of rig parameters and alarms, and for real-time monitoring and storage of technology parameters.

The high strength steel mast is engineered for the best weight-to-performance ratio. A telescopic 54-foot kelly bar allows for reach up to a maximum excavation depth of 256 feet. The modular mast design allows to set the machine in different configurations with a quick procedure that boosts the rigs multi-functionality and adaptability. The removal of the upper element makes it possible to get the rig into a 27.9 feet LHR configuration. The conversion to the quick CFA configuration takes only a few hours and allows to reach up to 77 feet. CFA 4th line pull- and displacement-pile kits are also available. The SR-65 EVO is a revolutionary machine, easy to operate: the best answer for all the contractors looking for performance and versatility.