ROC Equipment – On the Cutting Edge of Drilled Shaft Technology

3 - IMG_0160ROC Equipment is on the cutting edge of drilled shaft technology. As the sole North American distributor for BUMA CE CO., LTD, ROC sells and rents casing oscillators, rotators, reverse circulation drilling machines (RCDs), digging and service cranes, complete drill spreads, sectional casing, section tremie pipe, and all other support tooling. ROC supplies all types of drilling equipment, and can provide customized machinery for even the most unique projects.

Casing oscillators and rotators
Introduced to North America within the last 20 years, casing oscillators and rotators have slowly built a reputation as a great method of drilling cased shafts. Drillers who use oscillators or rotators know that they can produce a straighter shaft quicker, with fewer anomalies, and virtually no concrete overrun, meaning lower costs and a better product. The following list provides quick information on the advantages of oscillators and rotators:

The use of an oscillator or rotator to advance casing creates a more vertical shaft with minimal defects. This significantly cuts back on over excavation, saving the contractor in concrete overrun costs, not to mention any expenses associated with costly anomaly repairs.

Rotators can rotate casing through harder geological formations and buried obstructions better than a typical conventional drill rig. In fact, a rotator can drill through the most difficult of geologic conditions requiring casing.

BUMA makes a rotator that has two times the rotation speed of any other rotator on the market, not to mention more torque, and a higher extraction force.

When project designs include concerns with preserving nearby historic landmarks or damaging adjacent structures, utilities, or newly constructed shafts, a casing oscillator or rotator is the preferred methodology as it eliminates the risk of ground settlement and damage to adjacent structures. The equipment does not use vibrations or pile driving for casing installation, which is great for areas in which impacting local residents, businesses, and structures are a concern. Lower decibel levels are produced with an oscillator or rotator, meaning less disruption to sensitive areas surrounding the job site.

SONY DSCReverse circulation drilling machines were developed in the 1970s in Australia, and have been utilized all over the world since. RCD machines function by injecting compressed air into a drill pipe just below the water level and right above the drill bit. The drill bit rotates, and grinds off cuttings from the rock. Water, air and these cuttings are then flushed through a drill pipe into setting tanks where the cuttings are separated from the water. The following list provides some facts about RCD machines:
RCDs are excellent for drilling large diameter shafts, anything greater than 800 millimetres.
They are able to drill deep depths of more than 50 metres.
RCDs can drill through hard rock with high Mpa ratings.
They are great to use for bore piling in marine conditions.

Reverse circulation drilling is has been so successful, that BUMA has supplied over 100 RCD units worldwide.

ROC offers more than just equipment
ROC Equipment was created in 2007, by Louis (Lou) Lucido as a way to supply contractors with specialty drilling equipment through sales, rentals, and rental purchase offers. A driller himself, Lou brought his whole family into the foundation drilling industry by teaching his children, Vanessa, Rusty, and Anthony, all aspects of the drilling business. He believed in learning through first-hand experience, and made his children work from the bottom up in his drilling company. Each of his children have become successful project managers, unsurprising, as they had drilling in their blood. Lou and Vanessa spent a lot of time together traveling all over the world searching out new drilling equipment and methodologies. It was on one these trips that Lou and Vanessa were introduced to BUMA and their equipment, and a great business relationship began. Lou passed away in 2012, and his daughter Vanessa took over ROC Equipment as CEO.

Since taking control of ROC, Vanessa has put much focus on growing and expanding the company. Vanessa’s first mission was to create ROC’s consulting services. Vanessa hired drillers who were familiar with the equipment ROC sold, so that they could offer their clients equipment training, project consulting, on-the-job supervision, and equipment repair. The creation of this consulting service is one of the things that make ROC Equipment unique; contractors can have all of their needs met in one company.

Another aspect Vanessa added to the company was anomaly repair. Shafts with anomalies can be difficult and costly to fix, but ROC has the resources, experience, and availability to repair any shaft.

Another great advantage ROC Equipment has is that Vanessa is a certified safety consultant and can provide on-site safety training, and OSHA certification.

ROC Equipment has clients all over North America. Their clients appreciate the quality of equipment, short lead times, excellent customer service, and consulting services provided. ROC understands that the industry is constantly changing. As buildings and bridges become more innovative, the foundations on which they stand on must change. As environmental concerns become more pressing, drilling methods must adapt to accommodate these worries as well. ROC Equipment will continue to provide quality specialty drilling equipment to meet the needs of their clients.

By Ashley White