Kuopio, Finland, September 20th, 2022

33rd Edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, bauma 2022, will take place October 24–30, 2022 at the Trade Fair Center Messe München, Germany.

Junttan will be exhibiting at bauma 2022 for the 13th time. This time Junttan is showcasing its latest sustainable solutions for piling business. At the show, visitors have the possibility to see the world’s first electric pile driving rig which was officially launched in 2021 by Junttan and is now for display at an exhibition for the first time. At the Junttan booth, visitors can also see and get to know Junttan’s fast and efficient hydraulic impact hammer with a new modular pile sleeve solution. An important part of the stand is also Junttan’s remote service tools and new service agreement offering for the whole life cycle.
“Junttan is facing the same demands as other companies in the sector for development towards a safer and more sustainable future. Our history of more than 45 years in the piling business has taught us much, and our products have been ahead of the competition for decades. Our development will not stop there – plenty still needs to be done to reduce our environmental impact. However, one big step forward was taken in 2021 when we launched the world’s first electric pile driving rig, eJunttan PMx2e. The electric rig has been now successfully operating for 12 months. Operator feedback is excellent, and the machine keeps on driving piles without any issues. We are proud to have our PMx2e battery-powered pile driving rig on our stand at bauma exhibition.” says Junttan CEO, Tommi Lehtonen.

Electric pile driving machine, eJunttan PMx2e

Electric, eco-friendly, energy efficient, epic, evolutionary, economical, emission-free, exquisite – and more. Just a few e-words to describe Junttan’s fully battery-powered eJunttan, PMx2e, which is on display at bauma 2022.

When Junttan set out to design more sustainable innovations, they understood that the new eJunttan model needed to tick all the same boxes from the very beginning as its predecessors. That’s why they decided to combine the best of both worlds; tested and optimized Junttan hydraulics merged with modern batteries and electric motor technology.

The result is the fully battery-powered electric pile driving rig that is ready to meet the same challenges at the work site as its predecessors. Instead of a diesel engine, Junttan is now powering the hydraulic system with a modern electric motor that generates its power from a battery pack at the rear of the rig where the counterweight was located. In this way, they were able to build a solution that is reliable, easy to operate, and as effective as normal diesel-powered Junttan rigs. To make everyday life at the worksite possible, they chose a solution where the rig is powered by two separate 396 kWh battery packs that can be replaced during the day if needed. By choosing a detachable two-battery system instead of one bigger fixed, charging can be done with a normal 63A mains outlet and both batteries are ready the next morning.

With the state-of-the-art CCS DC-DC quick charging the battery packs can be charged with up to 250 kW to enable even more flexibility and extended range for future worksites also with a single battery pack. Kempower quick charger will be as well on display at Junttan’s bauma stand.

Media contacts:
Kati Niskanen, Marketing Coordinator, +358 366 4068, kati.niskanen@junttan.com
Ate Konkka, Sales Director, +358 50 578 1154, ate.konkka@junttan.com

About Junttan Oy
Junttan Oy is a family-owned company with nearly 250 professionals worldwide and more than 45 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of hydraulic piling equipment. With a factory in Kuopio, Finland, it manufactures pile driving rigs, multipurpose piling rigs, hydraulic impact hammers, and power packs. Junttan supports its customers around the world with a wide range of services, such as spare parts, maintenance services, modernization, and digital services, owning a service center in Hyvinkää, Finland, and subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States. With a strong experience in demanding deep foundation projects, Junttan is able to provide solutions for various pile foundations and soil improvement needs. For more information, visit: www.junttan.com

About bauma fair:
The seven-day bauma fair which takes place every three years in Munich, Germany, is an international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machinery, construction vehicles, and equipment and has firmly established itself as the world’s leading trade fair of the industry. The exhibition is divided into four areas: construction sites, production of building materials, mining with raw material extraction and processing, and component and service suppliers. They serve as bauma’s foundation and therefore reflect the full value and process chain of the industry. National and international exhibitors, market, and industry leaders present at this fair their latest products, appliances and equipment and the most innovative technology in the fields of construction machinery, mining machinery, building material machines, construction vehicles, and construction equipment.

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