Instantel – Class 1 Sound Level Microphone


The new Instantel Series IV Sound Level Microphone can perform unattended monitoring of noise, such as building activities, construction, traffic, and mining operations. It is now possible to combine noise and vibration monitoring on the same unit, making the Minimate Pro4 or Minimate Pro6 a cost effective and flexible monitor for these applications. The microphone ships with a microphone stand and windscreen.

The Sound Level Microphone has been designed to meet the requirements for IEC Class 1, which includes A and C weighted specifications. It has a measuring range from 30 to 140 dB with a fast or slow response. It is also capable of recording the unfiltered response in one of two ranges, +/- 25 Pa or +/- 100 Pa. The record mode can be set to Manual trigger, Waveform (records up to 9000 seconds once a preset trigger level has been exceeded), Histogram (with intervals from 2 seconds to 1 hour) or Histogram-Combo (Compliance mode only, this combines histogram and waveform monitoring at the same time).